Glossary – Idea Provider

Idea Provider

An idea provider can be any person within your own organization. This is where the company’s leadership is in demand to communicate clearly that ideas for the continued development of the organization in the sense of the strategy are welcome.

We often observe that employees report their ideas to their managers so that they can pass them on to their supervisors. The Living Transformation® relies on self-determination and personal responsibility of the employees. It creates ways for ideas to be pursued by the people themselves. The “detour” via the managers should be avoided.

To learn more about how to bring ideas to the Living Transformation® see the chapter “From the Idea to the Transformation Epic”. The path to new and innovative ideas lies in empowering employees through knowledge of methods and the exchange of experiences. As a result, the employees get better and faster at “recognizing” ideas. The Living Transformation® creates a system in which the employees are motivated to contribute new ideas to an innovative company.

Of course, ideas “from outside” can also be used as an inspiration for the future development of the organization within the framework of the Living Transformation®. However, these external examples and role models remain exactly that—external. Their usefulness must first be proven in one’s own organization through trial and error and serious testing. In a complex world, there are no best practices, that work the same for everyone.

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