Transformation Epic Team

A TrEpic Team within the framework of the Living Transformation ® approach is a self-organized and interdisciplinary group that plays a key role in the successful implementation of transformation processes. This team is characterized by intensive knowledge exchange among its members. Theoretically, in case of a member’s absence, other members should be able to immediately take over their tasks. This so-called knowledge transfer within the team enables a seamless transition in such situations despite the individual importance of each person.

A crucial component of the TrEpic Team is the Transformation Epic Owner, comparable to a Product Owner in an agile development team, and an ART Scrum Master. The Scrum Master, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of Scrum, plays a pivotal role. They must not only master the method but also possess strong social skills and empathy. Within the context of Living Transformation, the Scrum Master continuously supports TrEpic Team members in all Scrum-related matters and often in other aspects as well.

Each Transformation Increment sees the reformation of the TrEpic Team, comprising employees from all hierarchical levels. The composition is based on the percentage of capacity per department determined at the CAPA Event of Living Transformation. Employees from various departments are invited to self-assign to the periodized Transformation Epics during Transformation Increment Planning (through “Voting by feed”). This structure promotes flexibility and adaptability within the company and significantly contributes to the dynamics and efficiency of the transformation process.

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