Urgency Workshop

Compared to other approaches, the Living Transformation® offers a different, more innovative approach to shaping organization-wide change in terms of responsibilities and processes. However, in order to implement this approach within existing structures, it is essential to adapt existing processes and decision-making powers. For this reason, active support from executives and decision-makers within the company is imperative.

In order to receive this support from the beginning of the transformation process, the Living Transformation® always starts with a so-called “Urgency Workshop”. All decision-makers and important stakeholders in the formal and informal hierarchy of the company are invited to this workshop. The “Urgency Workshop” aims to make the decision-makers understand the acute, dicey situation and the need for action in their organization.

In the first part of the workshop figures and benchmarks of the economic situation are often discussed in combination with other information, such as employee surveys. Often, past unsuccessful transformation efforts of the organization are also reflected upon. Additionally, it is discussed how important the correct approach and the success of the transformation are.

In the second part of the Urgency Workshop, decision-makers, stakeholders, and managers are then introduced to the Living Transformation® approach, including its processes and responsibilities. Among other things, emphasis is also placed on the role of managers within the transformation process (keyword: accurate delegation and empowerment).

The Living Transformation® begins with the successful completion of the Urgency Workshop. The Urgency Workshop is not repeated after the start of the Living Transformation®. It is the only event that is not repeated in every single Transformation Increment.

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