Living Strategy

Developed by Mario A. Brückner, the Living Strategy represents an innovative approach to strategic management in a VUCA world, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. This strategy moves away from traditional, rigid strategic processes, which are often lengthy and do not adequately accommodate rapid market changes and the necessary employee expertise​​.

Agile Elements in Strategy Work:

Living Strategy integrates design thinking and agile project management elements to enable dynamic adaptation to changing market conditions. This is achieved through regular sprints, lasting approximately six to twelve weeks, where specific topics are explored in-depth to assess their impact on the strategy​​.

Strategy Sprints:

Results from one sprint form the foundation for the next. Topic selection is conducted by the Strategy (Product) Owner and the Management Board in ‘Strategy Scrum Meetings.’ Strategy teams prepare these meetings by gathering relevant information and deciding which employees and methods should be involved​​.

Tools and Cultural Change:

Key instruments include the Strategy One-Pager, Strategy Radar, and Strategic Roadmap, which are continuously updated. The approach entails not just a process change, but also a cultural shift, involving all employees, external experts, and customers in strategy development​​.

Living Strategy promotes an agile, flexible approach that enables quick adjustments and emphasizes continuous improvement and employee participation, ensuring thriving in today’s dynamic business world.

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