Transformation Increment Planning Event (TIPE)

The Transformation Increment Planning (TIPE) is an integral part of the Living Transformation® (LT) approach, marking the commencement of a Transformation Increment (TI) spanning a three-month period. This event provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of transformation within your own organization and actively engage in it.

Background Information

At the outset of each Transformation Increment (TI), a selection of relevant cluster topics, known as Transformation Epics, numbering between two to seven, is prioritized for work over the next three months. This prioritization is conducted by the leadership team to ensure that the focus is on the right areas of transformation.

Objective of Transformation Increment Planning (TIPE)

The primary goal of TIPE is the analysis and breakdown of highly prioritized Transformation Epics (TrEpics) for the upcoming three months into work packages referred to as “Transformation Features.” This establishes a solid foundation for planning the next three months and aids in identifying and resolving dependencies among various Transformation Epic Teams.

During TIPE, a key focus is on empowering all teams to work autonomously and make decisions in alignment with shared goals. Proven principles and techniques are applied, and participants are guided through this process.

Preparation for the Event

To prepare for TIPE, we recommend that invitees save the date early on and familiarize themselves with relevant information about the Living Transformation® approach and the highly prioritized Transformation Epics. The event itself is facilitated by the Transformation Master (TM). In addition to this, the Transformation Owner plays a crucial role, as they delegate accountability for changes within the organization within the scope of the Transformation Epics to the Transformation Epic Teams.

Closing Thoughts

Transformation Increment Planning represents the starting point for an exciting phase of transformation within the organization. It enables collective steering towards desired outcomes and ensures that transformation efforts are effective and purposeful.

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