Transformation Program Iteration

The term “Transformation Program Iteration” is composed of two terms:

  • The term “transformation,” or transformation program, usually refers to a fundamental change or profound transformation in an organization, business, or process.
  • An “iteration” is a repeated execution of a sequence of steps or processes, where each iteration is an improvement, adaptation, or continuation of the previous iteration.

Accordingly, in the Living Transformation® approach, we divide change into small intervals that always have the same duration, the “Transformation Program Iteration”. In those intervals, the changes previously planned in the Transformation Iteration Planning are implemented by agile transformation teams.

The structure of a Transformation Program Iteration is always the same:

  1. Value Prioritization Workshop
  2. Capacity Allocation Workshop
  3. Transformation Increment Planning (TIPE)
  4. Implementation in Transformation Sprints
  5. Measure and Improve Workshop

As a rule, the duration of a transformation program iteration is three months.

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