Transformation Increment (TI)

In today’s business world, change has become inevitable. Companies must continuously adapt to remain competitive. In this glossary entry, we will focus on the “Transformation Increment” (TI), a key concept of the successful approach of Living Transformation® (LT), aimed at implementing changes and improvements incrementally within organizations.

The Transformation Increment (TI) – An Overview

The TI is the period during which Living Transformation carries out incremental changes and improvements within an organization. It is a cyclical process that guides the organization through various phases to ensure continuous improvement. Each TI follows a clear process that enables targeted planning, implementation, and monitoring of changes.

Components of the Transformation Increment (TI)

Prio-Event (Prioritization): At the beginning of each TI, the contents of the transformation are identified and prioritized into so-called Transformation Epics (TrEpics). These TrEpics represent the essential initiatives of the transformation. Often, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) or specifically defined transformation goals are used for prioritization. (For more information about the Prio-Event of Living Transformation®, refer to a separate glossary entry).

Capa-Event (Capacity Planning): In the Capa-Event, it is determined how much work or capacity will be invested in the transformation work in the next TI. Resources and teams are allocated according to their skills and availability. (For more information about the Prio-Event of Living Transformation®, refer to a separate glossary entry).

Transformation Planning-Event (Planning): During this phase, the implementation of identified TrEpics is planned. Clear acceptance criteria and tasks are defined to ensure effective progress of the transformation.

Measure & Improve-Event (Monitoring): At the end of each TI, a comprehensive review of progress and results is conducted. This allows for measuring success and making necessary adjustments for the next TI.

Flexibility and Participation

A noteworthy aspect of Living Transformation® is its flexibility and the concept of “change from within.” For example, it allows active participation of all employees who can contribute at least 25-30% of their personal capacity to transformation work. This approach enables teams working on Transformation Epics to change from one TI to the next. By involving internal employees in the change process, internal transformation is promoted, contributing to sustainable and effective transformation.

Closing Thoughts

Living Transformation® with the Transformation Increment (TI) offers an effective method for implementing Agile transformation and organizational change. This cyclical approach enables companies to continuously adapt to new challenges and increase their competitiveness. Flexibility and active employee participation are key elements that make this approach successful. Change and transformation are not one-time events but rather a continuous process that allows organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.

If you would like to learn more about how Living Transformation® can assist you in your Agile and Digital transformation and organizational change, we are here to help. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and plan the path to a successful transformation.

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