Prio Event

The Prio-Event (also known as the Prioritization Event) is a recurring process in each Transformation Increment (TI) of Living Transformation®, where all Transformation Epics (TrEpics) in the backlog are discussed and prioritized.

The aim of the Prio-Event is to establish a periodized order of TrEpics. This periodization is carried out in comparison with the transformation goals and determines the priority order, but not whether a TrEpic will be implemented in the next TI. The actual implementation of a Transformation Epic is determined only after establishing how much capacity is available for the next TI (see Capa-Event).

Execution in a Traditional Organization:

In traditional organizations, the periodization of TrEpics is conducted by the leadership team, CxO level, or main department heads. Although Living Transformation® does not prescribe a specific prioritization method, “Magic Estimation” has become a recommended practice.

Deep Dive – Magic Estimation:

Magic Estimation is an easy-to-understand estimation method, especially useful for quickly estimating a large number of items. Initially, the moderator places all Planning Poker cards on a large table, adding all items to be estimated. In the first step, without speaking, each participant places the item next to the number they deem appropriate. In the second step, participants discuss the items that have been moved between estimates to understand the rationale behind the different assessments. This method is time-efficient and avoids verbal communication during the initial estimation, leading to a quick overview estimation. However, it is less precise than detailed methods such as Planning Poker.

Prioritization in Modern/Agile Organizations:

In organizations with a high level of agile maturity, prioritization of TrEpics can also be conducted by all employees, often in a so-called Value Prioritization Workshop. Here, TrEpics are first introduced to employees through a ‘Transformation Epic Reading’ and then assessed by everyone based on their contribution to the transformation goals, often using the Value Poker method.

Deep Dive – Value Poker:

Value Poker is a prioritization model in agile product development derived from the card game. All stakeholders, sometimes including end-users, vote on the significance or impact of each task and feature to be completed. The project manager moderates the responses and creates a prioritized schedule, involving all stakeholders and creating a broad decision-making base.

By involving all participants, decision-making is not limited to one person but includes all stakeholders. This approach is particularly effective when end-users participate, as it can make the results more effective, although their presence is not a mandatory criterion for Value Poker.

Significance of the Prio-Event in Living Transformation®:

The Prio-Event plays a crucial role by ensuring that capacities during the Capa-Event are aligned with the highest-prioritized TrEpics, enabling effective and targeted transformation work.

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