Episode 14: Jörg on travel companionship in the Living Transformation

Episode 14: Jörg - Travel companion in the Living Transformation

Transforming an organization is a complex and challenging process that involves significant changes to an organization’s structure, processes, culture and strategy. To ensure a successful transformation, the way in which an organization is transformed is crucial: the Living Transformation approach is now being used successfully in many companies and administrations. Change from within works.


Changing organizations is a journey. We asked a transformation guide about his understanding and experiences. What happens in organizations on this journey? What role does positive mood play in this? Do managers have to change? Malte Laas discussed these topics with Jörg Leupold.

Jörg is a coach and has been helping organizations to make strategic and organizational use of digital change since 1999. He knows the challenges of transformation processes very well, from the perspective of the employees affected. Most recently, he worked as a change facilitator and agile coach at CARIAD, a subsidiary of Volkswagen. From his experience, he is particularly familiar with the needs of managers and employees in transformation processes.


Further information on Living Transformation can be found at www.living-transformation.com

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