Episode 12 – André Classen on Objectives & Key Results in Projects and Transformations

Living Transformation 12

Today, Andre Classen is the OKR expert in conversation with Mario André Brückner in a newepisode of the Living Transformation Podcast, the podcast on successful digital and agiletransformation.

André came into contact with agility as early as the90s, back then with the topic of XP#ExtremProgramming… even then it was clear to him that agile ways of working improve thespeed of work enormously. Later, André got to know #Scrum and he has been able to takethe framework’s approaches into account inhis own work from the very beginning. André istherefore really an agilist of the first hour, at least from a German point of view.Today, André Classen ensures in his daily work that organizations are successful with theirprojects on every level. Amongother things, this is achieved by applying the basic principlesof lean management and the Objectives & Key Results method, or #OKRs for short.

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