Living Transformation Episode 17: Creating an Agile Organization starts with the design of your organization

Wolfang Steffens

Creating an Agile Organization starts with the design of your organization.

Agile frameworks typically focus only on structures and processes, yet the creation of an Agile organization goes beyond those as it connects your business strategy, structure, processes, rewards system, and people aspects smoothly together.

The design process starts with understanding the need for change and clarifying the company’s business strategy. This is followed by an analysis of which capabilities the organization needs. Some of those might be in place already, but others are missing and need to be developed. Then we will explore which organization design will allow the development of those capabilities. The members of the organization collaborate in the design creation and its implementation. Like any empirical approach, the members will regularly inspect, reflect, and adapt as required. Wiser mistakes will be made in the next iterations.

In the organization design phase, we explore the coupling of functions with the goal to decouple the unit functions. We develop an understanding of the essential parts of your various Product Groups and identify interdependencies at the task level. All those together are key in your design choices.

Ultimately, you design a truck or a race car, a desktop computer, or a mobile phone. Your organization will be fit for purpose.


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